Jill Grimes, M.D.


Feedback from teachers of North East ISD

• "The kids have really enjoyed the book. I even have kids ask if they can read it on their own. Kids relate to the stories."

• "The assignment out of this book was the first time I have ever had a silent room. They all read and did the assignment from bell to bell. I could hear a pin drop. They were really into the book. I had a few tell me, 'I know this is weird because of the subject but I cannot put the book down.'"

• "My classes this year and last year love the book. They like how the stories are presented and how the facts are given at the end. It is always silent when I do this lesson because they are so into the book!!"

• "My classes truly love the book. This is the first time in the semester they have been completely quiet. They did well on the handout as well."

• "All of the students really get into the book (you can hear a pin drop in class) and seem to connect to the book."

• "All of my students have had a very positive response to Seductive Delusions. Everyone is interested and engaged while reading and several of my students have even asked to check out a book after we finished the assignment so they can keep reading!"

• "One of my students said, 'Is it weird if some of the people in my group are reading this book like it is The Hunger Games? I thought that was a compliment to Dr. Grimes and Seductive Delusions!"