College Student Health Quiz

10. What do many students forget (or not know) to bring with them to their doctor appointment?

ANSWER: I. All of the above

Most college students have never been to a doctor’s appointment without a parent, so even filling out the initial health history form can be challenging! At a minimum, keep the date of your last tetanus shot in your smart phone, along with a pic of your insurance card (front and back). Having the contact info for your home doctor will allow your new healthcare team to ask for your old records, or at least to verify immunizations. Often the only shot automatically entered into our electronic medical records is the mandated (in Texas) meningitis immunization. And the honesty thing…seriously, we need to know what you are inhaling or consuming, not because we’re nosy and not to report you anywhere – we ask because it affects your health and how we treat you (what medications we give, etc.) No judgment! Advice, yes…but no judgment.