Why Doesn’t My Kid Love College (Yet)?

College life by ncgrimes

I sincerely hope your college student is already having an AMAZING experience, but if your “kidult” is struggling, please know they are NOT alone! This “Fall Frenzy” hits every year, especially for freshmen and transfer students. Realities of college are setting in, from suboptimal (or truly awful) midterm grades to social struggles. Some students party way too much, coping with anxiety by blackout drinking, using weed and/or other drugs. Other students hole up in their dorm rooms, escaping reality with video games. Along with these academic and social struggles, many students begin to question if they should change their major, … Read more

Packing for College? Don’t Forget These 8 Items!

Excitement and anxiety are in the air as students across the country prepare to fly the nest and head off to college. Universities provide useful shopping lists for dorm necessities, while Pinterest and TikTok will add more mini-lights, tapestries and pillows to your list than you can count! So why am I adding to your list? Because as both a college mom & a college physician, I know the most common items that students forget or simply don’t think to pack…till they actually need them.

1. Prescription Glasses: if your student wears contacts, PLEASE be sure they take a pair … Read more

How to Make Birth Control Pills More Effective

People take birth control pills for many reasons- to help control painful periods, to reduce heavy bleeding, to help with acne, and of course, to prevent pregnancy. If you are taking birth control pills for contraception- these tips are for you!

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT tip is to take your pill at the EXACT SAME TIME EVERY DAY! I recommend either setting an alarm on your phone or watch, or consider using an APP like KnowYourMeds that will send you a text notification every day at the same time to remind you to take your pill. Why is this important? … Read more

Best Way to Treat a STYE in Your EYE

💡Tip Tuesday Time!

👁Styes are “eye pimples” that form when the tiny oil glands at the base of your eyelashes get clogged up with debris (leftover mascara, makeup, or simply dead skin cells).

🔥The treatment is MOIST HEAT & here is the TIP:
“It’s not the DEGREE but the DURATION” of heat that is important!

🧦One method that retains moist heat longer than wetting a washcloth is making a RICE SOCK. Place roughly ½ cup of UNCOOKED RICE into a clean sock, tie a knot in the sock (to keep the rice inside) & microwave for roughly 30 seconds, which … Read more

Concussions: Brains “Shaken, Not Stirred”

It’s hard to keep up with all the different social media platforms these days, isn’t it? I’ve been doing a “Tip Tuesday” feature on Instagram each week, and decided to share here as well…but it took me a few days this week to learn how to do it. So cheers to your weekend, may it be injury-free and NOT include any concussions!

Read more

Real Talk Podcast with Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler

As parents, the last thing we want to imagine is what might happen on a college campus that would involve hiring a lawyer for our kid. Fortunately, if we do end up in that situation, there are now lawyers that specialize in campus-related issues, from academic dishonesty to sexual assault or Title IX issues. I recently met two amazing women, Susan Stone and Kristina Supler, of KJK’s Student & Athlete Defense Group who are defense attorneys with a special passion for students with special needs and executive function skills.

I joined their podcast to talk about medical issues that college … Read more