Weed: A College Doc’s Biased Opinion

Parents, April 20th is the perfect day to talk to your teens about weed. “420 Day” has become an international cannabis holiday, celebrated with parties that include publicly smoking or consuming edibles where usage is legal, and demonstrating to advocate for further legalization where it is not.

Why “420”? Specifics are debated, but most agree the name originated in the early 1970’s, from a small group of high school students in San Rafael, CA, who used to meet at 4:20 pm after school to smoke weed together. Today, their code word “420” is synonymous with cannabis, which is why your … Read more

It’s 420…Blaze It or Not? One Doctor’s Biased Opinion

Yes, it’s April 20th, but “420” also means Pot, MaryJane, MJ, Weed, cannabis…whatever you choose to call marijuana. Legend has it that the nickname “420” originated in my birthplace, San Rafael, CA, from way back in the early 1970s, when a group of high school students used to meet at 4:20pm after classes to either smoke weed or search for it. Regardless, today is often celebrated in the cannabis-partaking world as Weed Day, so let’s talk about pot.

As a family physician who has also worked in urgent care on a large college campus, I recognize my bias … Read more