Is this Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

With all the time we spend at computers, I’m amazed we don’t actually see more complaints of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), the single most common cause of peripheral nerve compression. Carpal tunnel symptoms include pain, numbness or tingling of your THUMB, INDEX, and MIDDLE fingers, and may extend to include your wrist, palms and forearms. Typically, the pain is worse at night, although that is not true for every person. Extended use of your wrists or hands- such as typing at a computer- also tends to increase discomfort.

The actual problem in CTS is pressure on the median nerve at … Read more

Is Your Pinky Tingling?

Have you ever had your pinky go numb or start tingling, especially at night? If so, did your co-worker tell you it might be carpal tunnel syndrome? Hmm…probably not the right diagnosis. Although carpal tunnel syndrome also involves fingers starting to tingle or go numb, that problem is associated with the median nerve, which supplies your thumb and first three fingers (and half of your ring finger.) If your PINKY gets involved with the tingling, that is due to the nerve on the other side of your arm- the ulnar nerve.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, also known as Ulnar Neuropathy, results … Read more