College Student Essential: the Medication Box

August has arrived, which means panic is setting in for many families as they pack up their high school graduate and send them off to college. Pinterest-driven dorm room goals shift much of the focus (at least for girls) to inspirational quotes, photo displays and twinkling lights.  Mothers alternate between doing everything for their “baby” one last time, to cramming in last minute instructions on washing clothes and paying attention to car maintenance. As a college physician, I’d like to add two important items to your shopping list (if your child takes any medications on a regular basis…prescription or not):… Read more

MEDICATION DISPENSER: 20-1-7 Challenge Week #3

Dr. Grimes’ 20-1-7 CHALLENGE:

  • For the first TWENTY weeks of this year,
  • Pick ONE healthy change every Sunday, and
  • Commit to that change for SEVEN days.

MEDICATION DISPENSER: 20-1-7 Challenge Week #3

Time to practice what I preach, and get back to using my own weekly medication box! This week’s 20-1-7 challenge is to fill and use my dispenser.

As a doctor, you would think I could manage to take my ONE prescription medication plus or minus a couple vitamins …yet I find on many days that I literally cannot remember whether or not I took them. Like everyone … Read more