What about Aleve?

On my Tylenol vs Advil blog post, I did not directly mention naproxen, better known by a trade name, Aleve. Do I have that in the first aid kit? Yes.

How is naproxen(Aleve) different than ibuprofen (Advil)?
Let’s start with how they are the SAME. Both are classified as “NSAIDs”, which means Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drug. So both naproxen and ibuprofen can be used to decrease swelling and inflammation, and both will lower elevated body temperatures (fevers). The product insert explains that naproxen is indicated for the relief of pain and fever, including headaches, toothaches, muscle and back aches, arthritis … Read more

Can’t Swallow That?

Difficulty swallowing, known medically as “dysphagia”, is a very common complaint. In fact, up to nearly a quarter of patients seen in primary care settings will suffer from this problem. Dysphagia is definitely more common in the older population, whether they are in nursing homes or living independently.

What causes dysphagia? The most common cause depends on the age. In small kids, there may be structural problems present from birth that may need surgical correction. In adults, however, the cause is often something that can be fixed more simply, with medications and/or behavior changes.

Smoking, excess alcohol, and obesity all … Read more