Dancer Problems…

Have you ever had a plantar wart? These are the warts that show up as a painful bump underneath your foot. These unwelcome growths often show up at the site of “trauma”, so dancers obviously most frequently develop them on their feet or toes. Warts are incredibly common, with a prevalence of up to 10% of Americans. In fact, the vast majority of us will develop at least one wart somewhere on our body during our lifetime.

Are warts dangerous? Not really. Warts do not turn in to cancer, and in fact, untreated, will eventually go away on their own. … Read more

Is Swimming Pool Water Safe?

Swimming season has arrived, and patients often ask me about whether or not you can catch this or that disease from a swimming pool or hot tub. First of all, let me assure you that no, you cannot catch STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) directly from a hot tub…as long as all you are doing in the hot tub is enjoying the water. There are, however, diseases that can be contracted from swimming pools – typically from accidentally swallowing the pool water. How does that happen? Easily, especially for kids and adults who play around with getting mouthfuls of pool water … Read more