Spring Break Risks Part II: The Rocky Mountain “HIGH”

Getting High in CO

In my last post, Is Your College Student Beach Bound for Spring Break? Read This First!, (aka SB Risks Part I) we discussed sensible approaches to alcohol, sex, tattoos, and dealing with the pressure of being “the responsible one” in your group. This post specifically addresses marijuana, altitude sickness and high altitude sun burn. (I am not addressing COVID risks today.)

Let’s Start with POT

Yes, these CO towns have heard every Rocky Mountain HIGH joke (& sell the t-shirts.) But it’s no joke getting too much THC and ending up in an ER with severe hallucinations or … Read more

Is Your College Student Beach-Bound for Spring Break? READ THIS FIRST

Nervous about your beach-bound college student this Spring Break? If so, you’re not alone. SB2022 has definite potential for over-the-top “rebound partying” that could lead to a series of poor choices and outcomes, so let’s talk about some things that might help prevent some heartache, and be sure to share with your favorite young adult, because many of them are nervous, too. Note: This post is about student choices and does NOT address COVID concerns.

First, however, let me reassure you that roughly a third of college students happily choose NOT to drink (or have sex or use drugs for … Read more