Holiday Gifts that Show We REALLY Care!

Tis the season of gift giving, and what do we see? Piles of chocolate and other treats- yummy! I love sweets as much as the next person (I hear my friends laughing and making piggy noises…yes, I know- just keep away from my gluten-free treats!)  HOWEVER, this is my annual plea to think seriously about the edible gifts that you send. If your friend is wonderfully fit and able to eat high calorie treats in moderation, knock yourself out & send the chocolate cheesecake- but if your friend has diabetes or struggles with their weight, please consider a different gift.

“But she’s a foodie!” Terrific- get her a subscription to Cooking Light (love their recipes!) or splurge on Harry & David fruit baskets. The point is that we need our friends encouraging us in the right direction. We don’t buy a pack of exotic cigarettes for a friend trying to quit smoking, right? Enough said.

So- what’s new this year in the world of health and fitness? Only yesterday, I learned of an innovative solution for the extra-busy person who wants to prioritize workouts with a personal trainer, but perhaps travels for a living or simply prefers to workout in their own home- personal training sessions via SKYPE! Why not? Kudos to Austin’s Margo Kamin, one personal trainer offering these services. Margo credits Oprah for giving her the idea to use computer technology to take her business right into people’s homes or hotels. I have always recommended workout tapes/DVDs as an easy home tool, but what an extra perk to have a live trainer making up new workouts & correcting your form, in the comfort of your home (without having to clean up your house for this guest).

No money, but got friends with electronics? Instead of “playing” on Facebook, try video chatting as you both ride your exercise bikes, or simply go for a walk as you phone chat with your pal.

BOTTOM LINE: Think HEALTHY as you plan your holiday gift giving, and really show your friends how much you value them in your life!

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