Elect NOT To Gain Weight This Holiday Season

Happy November! In honor of election day tomorrow, let’s ELECT NOT to gain the standard 7-10 pounds during the holidays this year. We have begun the eating trifecta…Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas/Hannukah. Americans love to celebrate these holidays with excessive amounts of high calorie foods- in large quantities. Can you enjoy the season and NOT gain weight? Of course! But yes, some discipline and primarily large doses of awareness are necessary.

Let’s start with the Halloween candy. Most people have “leftovers” of snack-sized chocolates. We finish up our favorites (always the Reeses cups in our home) and then mindlessly polish off the less desired ones simply because they are THERE. Take a look right now at your candy bowl (if it is still sitting out). Grab a bag & toss the candy into it, and drop it off at your neighborhood food pantry if you don’t want to “waste” it by throwing it away.

As we move into party season, be very mindful as you walk into each gathering. Often hosts are handing out a delicious alcoholic beverage as guests enter…which is a double whammy. Number one- high calories in sipping form. Number two- alcohol goes hand in hand with mindless munching, especially high fat or high calorie treats. SO- politely declare your thirst and ask if you can start with a glass of WATER, which will actually help fill you up and keep your head clear for healthier choices. Many studies have shown that simply drinking a full glass of water before meals cuts calories and promotes weight loss, so this is a win-win!

BOTTOM LINE: Be conscious of mindful eating (and drinking) as we begin holiday celebrations, and there will be one less New Year’s Resolution on your list!

PS. Did you remember to change your air filter on November 1st?

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