Summer Travel First Aid Kit

Packing up for your summer vacation? If you are driving, may I suggest you prioritize finding a small space (maybe under the passenger seat as above) to stash a first aid kit? If you already keep one in your car (hello, fellow soccer/dance/volleyball moms!) then let this be your reminder to pull that kit out of your car, CHECK EXPIRATION DATES, and replenish all your used up supplies.

What’s in my kit? Although I will confess my kit is over-stocked with “extras”, here is my basic essentials Top Ten First Aid Kit List:

  1. Ibuprofen (trade name Advil/Motrin)- for headaches, muscle aches, fevers or menstrual cramps.
  2. Acetaminophen (trade name Tylenol- to supplement the ibuprofen if the ache or fever is severe.
  3. Antacid tablets (TUMS or Rolaids)- still the fastest relief from heartburn/stomach acid.
  4. Hydrocortisone cream (Cortaid)- for anything that itches (bug bites, allergic skin reactions.)
  5. Triple antibiotic cream- for cuts/scrapes (after washing copiously with water.)
  6. Bandaids- the GOOD kind that really stick, with specifics for knuckles, knees, and most commonly, HEELS (for those blisters!)
  7. Benadryl tablets- for an intense allergic reaction to food, stings, etc; also may be used to help nausea or insomnia.
  8. ACE wrap- handy to limit swelling of a sprained ankle, knee or wrist.
  9. Aspirin- one daily helps prevents blood clots from prolonged sitting while traveling; also I like to keep this in case an adult has symptoms of a possible heart attack.
  10. Imodium- I do NOT recommend this to stop infectious diarrhea (so do not take if you have a fever), but if you get a “nervous stomach” with the thought of flying, driving, or simply being cooped up in a car with your relatives, consider this medication to calm down your bowels.

Bonus: THERMOMETER! Not a medication, but definitely should go in there

BOTTOM LINE: These few basic first aid supplies should get you through 99% of the medical urgencies that crop up on your trips. Remember the creams may count as “liquids” so slip them into your airline-specified ziplock baggie if you are flying!

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