The COVID Grab Bag- What to Pack!

Last month, while doing a podcast with the AMAZING Your Empty Nest Coach, Christine, she asked what I thought belonged in a COVID “Go” Bag- like the bag you have ready to grab when you are extremely pregnant and ready for the hospital. While most of the items are common sense, having a checklist will help you be sure you have everything you need before you head off to quarantine (or to the hospital.)  I love that Christine created this printable check list with everything we discussed!

Let me HIGHLIGHT a few items:

Health Insurance Card– your student should take a pic on their phone of both front and back of the card, and “favorite” it in their photos.

The most FORGOTTEN items are the CHARGERS for all electronic devices. Many health centers have one or two to loan out, but they are always in high demand. For this fall, if you can afford an extra phone charger, I think it’s worth it to have an extra on hand to keep with the checklist/bag, as your phone or tablet will be your link to the world outside your quarantine.

SNACKS– while your campus may provide food for quarantine, it doesn’t hurt to have a box of your favorite granola bars (I’d suggest high protein ones) and some powdered rehydration packets (Pedialyte, gatorade, Powerade, etc.) along with your refillable water bottle.

MEDS-remember to take ALL your prescription medications with you, plus a thermometer, cough drops, cough syrup, Tylenol & Advil (generics are fine).

PRESCRIPTION GLASSES– you do NOT want to be dealing with contacts if you’ve got fever, aches, and dry eyes.

COMFORT ITEM– grab that cherished blanket or stuffed animal; don’t be embarrassed-it’s wonderful to have that sense of “home” with you in isolation.

FOAM MATTRESS TOPPER– if you are moving into a designated quarantine dorm, it’s worth the effort to quickly grab your foam topper to bring with you, because you will spend more hours in bed than anywhere else the next two weeks.

ALL CLASS SUPPLIES– remember to bring not only your laptop and books, but any special supplies you might need for art/engineering/architecture/etc.

BOTTOM LINE: Print out this check list and add it to your first aid kit so you will know what to grab if you end up with COVID symptoms (or a positive screening COVID test) and have to move to a different quarantine location.

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