What’s This Little White Pill?

“Stray” pills are unfortunately a thing. Rogue pills escape off the counter and roll to the floor. Others hide in the depths of our backpacks (purses, jacket pockets, etc.), and many of us actually create these strays by tossing vitamins, decongestants, or prescription meds into one of those convenient little travel-sized bottles of Advil or Tylenol to save room and carry with us. (Side note- really best not to do this, particularly with prescription medications. And especially if you are flying. Imagine explaining your drug stash to the TSA.)

But what if you legitimately forgot which pill is which, and you’re not sure which pill is your acne prescription versus your antidepressant or ADD medication (all of which can be blue capsules- this is a real example.) Or perhaps you’re wondering about a “stray” white rectangular tablet you found as you cleaned your teenager’s room. (See pic above for some frequently searched pills.) Or maybe you simply want to double check that the differently shaped or colored generic medication you received from your mail order pharmacy is correct.

What’s the easiest way to figure out your “stray” pill’s identity? Don’t jump to conclusions, because especially with generic brands, there are many look-alike drugs. Go online and pull up an pill identifier like this one on WebMD  or that one on drugs.com . You need enter the color(s), pill type(tablet or capsule), shape, and any numbers or letters imprinted on the surface (which are often faded or blurred, but even a partial number helps.)

BOTTOM LINE: Confused about a pill? Don’t guess! Check an online pill identifier to be certain which “stray” pill you have.

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