Shake, Bump & Fives!

The American Journal of Infection Control has the media world abuzz with talks of fist bumps vs. handshakes today, as they released a recent study confirming that a quick greeting of fist bumps “substantially reduce” the transfer of bacteria between people (compared with shaking hands.) This investigation confirms previous similar studies, such as the 2013 report from the Journal of Hospital Infection, Reducing pathogen transmission in a hospital setting Handshake vs. fist bump: a pilot study.

We know that fist bumps (and high fives) are typically very brief- less than a second, versus hand shakes that can last for … Read more

Flu Vaccine – It’s Not Too Late!

Okay, it’s January, and now EVERYONE you know is getting the flu! Is it too late for you to get vaccinated? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The truth is that now that we’re all scared, it’s tough to find somewhere that has the flu vaccine in stock! Call your doctor or your pharmacy and find out how many they have left, then jump in your car and head over.

This year is another one of those “really bad” flu years. Yes, if you are vaccinated today, you have to wait a couple weeks for your shot to protect you. BUT…the flu season is … Read more