Flu Vaccine – It’s Not Too Late!

Okay, it’s January, and now EVERYONE you know is getting the flu! Is it too late for you to get vaccinated? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The truth is that now that we’re all scared, it’s tough to find somewhere that has the flu vaccine in stock! Call your doctor or your pharmacy and find out how many they have left, then jump in your car and head over.

This year is another one of those “really bad” flu years. Yes, if you are vaccinated today, you have to wait a couple weeks for your shot to protect you. BUT…the flu season is just catching its stride, so all you have to lose is a temporarily sore shoulder.

This year’s flu seems to be bringing with it the added bonus of nausea and vomiting, as if muscles that feel like a Mack truck hit you were not enough. The flu is NOT just a stuffy or runny nose and cough- that’s a cold. The flu is OMG, I can NOT get out of bed and function, because my head is splitting, my muscles are screaming, and yes, this year’s bonus is the vomiting and diarrhea. Believe me, a sore arm for a few days is a happy trade for the flu.

Who should be vaccinated? Hello, it’s EVERYONE. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that everyone over the age of 6 MONTHS get a flu vaccine each year.

Wash hands, wash hands, and oh yes, wash your hands…for 20 full seconds! When you dash them under the water or take 5 seconds to apply hand sanitizer, you are nicely moving your germs around, so spend the extra 15 seconds and scrub a bit to be more effective.

BOTTOM LINE: FLU SEASON is in FULL SWING- Strike back by getting your FLU VACCINE and WASHING YOUR HANDS…for a full 20 seconds!

For more info, check out the current stats on this year’s flu at the CDC at: 

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