Best Valentines for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day evokes images of flowers, chocolates, and sumptuous dinners oozing with decadence…and I’m all about such celebrations! But February is often when the new-car-smell fades from our NYE resolutions, and boxes of zillion calorie chocolates enticing us from the kitchen counter are ultimately not such a loving gift-at least for the vast majority of us who’s health would benefit from weight loss. Does “just one” fancy dinner or box of candy ruin everything? Of course not! But why not make the EMPHASIS of your V-Day gift show that you support your loved one on a deeper basis? If so, then THIS year, think OUTSIDE the heart-shaped box and give decadent gifts that are loaded with thoughtfulness and love, but not calories.

Consider something like:

  1. Personal Training session(s)
  2. Massage
  3. Manicure/Pedicure
  4. Concert/play tickets (Thin wallet? Look up neighborhood high schools or community theater for bargain prices)
  5. Car Wash (bonus points for sweat equity & especially if you clean the INSIDE too!)
  6. Lessons (Sport, Instrument, Cooking Class, Hobby ?)
  7. Something “Touristy” in your own town that you’ve never done
  8. Create a vegetable garden (start with a window box or patio plants- this can be very inexpensive)
  9. Gift certificate for new workout clothes (usually best to let him/her pick these out)
  10. Comfort item- cozy blanket, decadently silky sheets, candles

You get the idea- the list is limitless! Anything that spoils your honey without spoiling their healthy diet is a loving WIN.

Bottom Line: If your sweetheart has been working hard on her or his health, shower them with decadent gifts OUTSIDE the Candy Box!

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