Best Way to Treat a STYE in Your EYE

????Tip Tuesday Time!

????Styes are “eye pimples” that form when the tiny oil glands at the base of your eyelashes get clogged up with debris (leftover mascara, makeup, or simply dead skin cells).

????The treatment is MOIST HEAT & here is the TIP:
“It’s not the DEGREE but the DURATION” of heat that is important!

????One method that retains moist heat longer than wetting a washcloth is making a RICE SOCK. Place roughly ½ cup of UNCOOKED RICE into a clean sock, tie a knot in the sock (to keep the rice inside) & microwave for roughly 30 seconds, which creates an awesome moist heat heating pad! Hold this rice sock* directly on your closed eye in the area of the stye for 10-15 minutes, & REPEAT this several times/day till stye resolves.

⚠️*Note that microwaves may heat unevenly; be sure to gently test the level of heat on the back of your hand before holding it up to your eye!

????AVOID the temptation to squeeze the stye!! This can make things far worse.

· Better eye hygiene!
· Fully remove eye makeup with daily lid scrubs in the shower. At the end of your shower, use a tiny amount of tear-free baby shampoo (or mild soap like Cerave or Cetaphil) on your fingertips and lightly massage along the lash line for 30 seconds, then rinse before you’re out of the shower (keep eyes closed during this)
· Keep eyeliner ABOVE or only thinly along the lash line.
· Never share mascara!

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