It’s BACK – the Cursed Halloween Candy

Yes, we’ve just got our kids starting to settle into their school routine, and yet what has already appeared in the grocery stores? That’s right- Halloween Candy. I swear this is the start of the fall fattening project…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween! I adore seeing all the kids in costumes and frankly, I pull out a witch or Mrs. Incredible costume for myself each year. But here is the catch- candy to the max on one night per year is no big deal (brush & floss those teeth afterwards, of course.) Unfortunately, what happens in many households and work sites is that those “sample size” candies start showing up in a convenient drawer near you, handy for daily snacks and pick-me-ups. Before you know it, you’ve got a candy habit that is truly tough to break, not to mention that the extra 500 calories per day that you are innocently consuming is adding on a full extra POUND per week!!

If you think I am exaggerating about this, check the calorie count and serving size on your favorite candy. Hershey’s miniatures, for example, are only 42 calories per mini, but most of us don’t stop at one- even the “serving size” is 5 minis at 210 calories.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t want to literally increase YOUR “bottom line”, save the Halloween candy for HALLOWEEN and don’t buy it till October 30th. Trust me, the stores will still have it in stock.

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